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Trust Dice Launches U Network (UUU) Support

Trust Dice is excited to announce the integration of UUU (ERC20 token) support. Trust Dice users will now be able to play with UUU coin in our game — with expanded ERC20 support coming soon!

Trust Dice is pleased to announce the availability of U Network’s UUU coin in Trust Platform. Trust Dice users can now play Trust Dice and other Trust Platform games using UUU coin, paving the way for the foundation of a new blockchain gaming ecosystem in which players can use any ERC20 token enjoy provably fair, blockchain-transparent games.

What is Trust Platform?

Trust Platform is a game platform built on provably fair, trustless blockchain technology. Powered by the Trust Protocol, Trust Platform offers a range of games that include Trust Dice — one of the top games on the EOS network.

Trust Platform leverages blockchain technology to provide truly transparent gaming. The random number generation process used in Trust Dice integrates both a Server Seed and a customizable Client Seed, which can be used by players to ensure that Trust Dice is provably fair.

Trust Dice players benefit from free Bitcoin, EOS, and ETH faucets, and are able to discuss gaming strategy and blockchain tech in the new Trust Dice forums.

What is UUU?

U Network is a decentralized content asset storage, notarization, distribution, publishing and valuation network based on the blockchain. U Network and UUU coin allows individuals to transform their digital content into assets within the U Network ecosystem, creating a new paradigm of content monetization.

U Network’s revitalized financial market for content establishes a new means of redistributing and optimizing internet value, providing users with owner autonomy over their content and paving the way towards a truly free market for content.

U Network and Trust Platform are Building the Future of Blockchain-powered Gaming

The new partnership between U Network and Trust Platform is the first step toward a new era in blockchain gaming. By integrating UUU coin, Trust Platform is expanding the blockchain gaming ecosystem, allowing for the creation of new, more complex games, and establishing the foundation for a complete gaming community.

The integration of UUU into Trust Dice and other games on Trust Platform is the first of many — Trust Platform is currently integrating TRX and a range of other ERC20 tokens. In order to create a fully-fledged gaming platform, Trust Platform is working on more games, including MMOs, puzzle games, simulations, and  more.

The addition of UUU follows Trust Platform’s recent addition of OATH coin. TRX integration is slated for launch within Q3 2019, followed by more ERC20 tokens.

By expanding the range of supported ERC20 tokens Trust Platform is working toward the goal of becoming a top crypto gaming community, building a new gaming ecosystem that emulates and improves upon traditional gaming communities such as Steam. Trust Platform introduces the innovative “Play-To-Earn” model by issuing TXT token. Players can earn TXT tokens by playing games, and they can also hold TXT to share the value of the platform. The early adopters of Steam contributed to the growth of the platform by referring friends and sending feedbacks, yet they didn’t share any rewards when Steam grows bigger.  At Trust platform, all contributions to the platform will be rewarded with TXT tokens. When Trust platform grows bigger, token holders of TXT will share a lot of rewards and benefits. Trust platform is going to be the first gaming platform created by the community and reward the community finally.

Expanded ERC20 token support provides Trust Dice gamers with more options to play and win — UUU, Oath, Bitcoin, ETH, and EOS can all be used to play our provably fair, blockchain-transparent games today.

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